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Targeting Fire Safety And Homelessness As Top Priorities

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Sonora, CA – Tackling the issues of fire safety and homelessness has been made a top priority by the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors, and this week they took action.

Appreciative of the number of highly qualified candidates vying for seats on the two committees at Tuesday’s meeting, the supervisors made their final picks. A task Board Chair and District 2 Supervisor Ryan Campbell shared was not easy while noting his criteria, “I’m looking for somebody that works well with others in a group setting. Speaking from a bit of experience, it can be difficult when you have a multiple of different opinions and trying to boil that down into one idea that you can then take and make action on.”

Below are the members selected for each advisory board as provided by county staff:

Fire Safety Advisory Committee is made up of the following members:

  • (2) members of the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors – Ryan Campbell and David Goldemberg
  • (5) members of the public, one from each Supervisorial District

District representatives:

  • District 1 – Scott Fremd
  • District 2 – Dennis Randall
  • District 3 – Wesley Brinegar
  • District 4 – Eric Holly
  • District 5 – Malcolm Carden

Tuolumne County Fire – Chief Andy Murphy

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Bill Pooley or Undersheriff Neil Evans

City of Sonora – Sonora Fire Chief Aimee New

Fire Chiefs Association – Columbia Fire Chief Mark Ferreira

Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians – Monica Fox

Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians – Tuolumne Me-Wuk Fire Chief Jerry McGowan

Tuolumne Firesafe Council –Glenn Gottschall


Tuolumne County Homeless Advisory Committee

District representatives:

  • District 1 Rick Breese- Martin
  • District 2 Whiney Hawkins
  • District 3 Tom Crosby
  • District 4 Dana Baker
  • District 5 Jeanette Lambert

Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools – Kelsey Stone-ADDITIONAL

Chicken Ranch Rancheria- LeeAnn Hatton

Tuolumne Band of Mi Wuk Indians- Lori Severson

Health and Human Services- Rebecca Espino

Business Sector:

  • Interfaith, Cathie Peacock
  • Nancy’s Hope, Nancy Scott

Non-Profit Sector:

  • Resiliency Village, Mark Dyken & Shelly Muniz &
  • Give Someone A Chance Hazel & Richard Mitchell

Faith-Based Community

  • Sierra Bible Church, Nathan Levering
  •  St. Patrick’s Church, Christine Welch

City of Sonora

  • Mary Rose Rutikanga
  • Colette Such

Board of Supervisors

  • Supervisor Kathleen Haff, District 4
  • Supervisor Jaron Brandon, District 5