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Man Convicted Of Harming Correctional Officer

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Sonora, CA — In a local trial, a jury has convicted Daniel Escobedo of battery while he was in custody at the Sierra Conservation Center.

The incident Escobedo was found guilty of happened in December 2012. Escobedo is serving a prison term for a 2012 conviction for a Felony Assault and Felony Gang Activity. He was required to submit to a search and refused. Escobedo then tried to push past the Correctional Officer battering the Officer in the process.

The one day trial was presided over by Judge Eric DuTemple on October 9th. Tuolumne County was represented by Deputy District Attorney Clint Parish. Parish stated he was thankful to the jury for their close attention and to Correctional Officers for their professional conduct.

Inmate Escobedo has one prior strike conviction and will face up to eight years in prison after the time he is currently serving. Sentencing is scheduled for November 4, at the Tuolumne County Courthouse.

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