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Hold Patrol & Mop Up Mode

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Tuolumne County, CA – The Incident Command says the Rim Fire is in “hold, patrol, and mop up mode”. The fire has grown almost 500 acres to 255,146 or 399 square miles and is still 80% contained. The number of firefighters has dropped to 2,735 on scene. The cost is now $102 million.  

Incident Command Spokesperson Mark Healy says, “The interior pockets of fuels are continuing to burn themselves out and they’re getting smaller and smaller. The pockets near the line are dwindling. We are having fewer threats to our containment out there. Firefighters are continuing to mop up further back in off of the control lines. We are expecting the humidity to climb slightly which will help us by reducing the flames intensity. The fires won’t burn so hot, so lots of good news.”

There was one road opening today as Evergreen Road opened at Noon to Evergreen Lodge. However, the road continues to be closed from the Lodge and beyond. Also, The Rim Fire Incident Command is holding another community meeting this time in Groveland. It will be held at the Tenaya Elementary School at 6pm.