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Supervisors Approve Social Media Policy

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt a social media policy at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Tuolumne County Social Media Policy states, “The rapid growth of social media by other local, state, and federal government entities is evidence that social media is an effective way to communicate, both between county agencies, and with the public and community.”

According to the Deputy County Administrator, Daniel Richardson, the social media policy was adapted from several other Counties’ social media policies by Ethan Billgmeier in the analyst for the Tuolumne County Human Services Agency. The policy was also reviewed and approved by County Counsel, Sarah Carrillo, and the Information Technology (IT) Department.

The county plans to launch a new version of their website tomorrow, September 5th. Richardson says, “One important feature of the County’s new website is the ability to push news items from the County home page to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.”

The policy states that each department needs to determine its social media needs and that the County Administrator has final approval for social media access. Each department is also  responsible for publishing and updating information to social media sites.

Part of the policy states that comments will not be allowed on the information the county posts. Several of the Supervisors expressed concern over inaccurate information that was shared about the Rim Fire on social networks. They stressed that as an official source their information will need to be accurate. The policy states, “The use of social media presents a greater ability for the County to engage the public and communicate important and urgent information that further the goals and mission of the County as a whole.”

Supervisor Evan Royce requested a way be set up to allow the departments to receive and channel responses to each department through an email from social media sites.