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Bears Unable To Claw Way Back After Penalties Rack Up

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The first game of the 2021 high school football season in the time of COVID still had fans cheering even though they could not be in the stands.

Below written by: Levi Flores

With a tough start to the season, Summerville racked up an abundance of holding penalties in the loss to mariposa Friday night.

Mariposa was able to strike first in the first quarter to make it 7-0. QB Jaden Brochini and WR Braylon Leveroos connected for a few gains in the second and third quarter but Mariposa struck one more time before the end of the third to make it 13-0.

In the fourth, Brochini connected with WR Wyatt Frankenstein for a touchdown from about 15 yards out. Mariposa had a huge play for 80 yards but called back due to a taunting call. On the next play, Mariposa struck one more time to put the bears back in the cave, with a final score of 6 – 19. The bears went back to Tuolumne with a 0-1 start for the season.