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Governor Brown, Climate Change And Wildfires

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San Francisco, CA — Those are the subjects of new polls done by the Public Policy Institute of California. One involved the approval rating of Governor Jerry Brown. It found a record high 54% of California voters approve of the job he is doing. The governor has not formally announced if he is running for re-election next year. However, yesterday he filed his campaign finance report showing $10 million in funds.

Another poll with a record high majority dealt with climate change. The poll showed a record high of 65% of Californians who want the government to act right away to cut greenhouse gas emissions. That is up 9 points since 2012. Less than a third or 30% say the state should wait for the economy to improve.

The poll found 50% of Californians view global warming as a very serious threat, while 27% found it a somewhat serious threat to California’s future economy and quality of life. Also, 63% say the effects of global warming have already begun.

The biggest concern of Californians due to global warning according to the poll was the threat of Wildfires. When asked about four possible effects of global warming, 57% cited a fear of more-severe wildfires, 49% worried about more-severe droughts, and 28% were afraid of increased flooding or more-severe storms.

According to the poll most Californians do not view government actions to reduce global warming as a tradeoff between the environment and jobs. Also, 53% do not believe the government is doing enough to address global warming.