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Semi Truck Flipped Over

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La Grange, CA — A load of lumber spilled onto J-59, but there were no injuries to the driver or other vehicles. According to CHP Sgt. Gary Soria the accident is “basically 1.5 miles from Bonds Flat Road.” The lumber is fencing material. The big rig carrying it was going around the curve, most likely at an unsafe speed, according to Sgt Soria. He says an optimistic estimate for the road re-opening is 7:00pm.

There is a detour in place that goes onto Avenida Lugo which loops back onto J-59. Sgt. Soria reports the impact to traffic has been minimal with only a short back up. For a map click here.

Special thanks to Bradlyn Belitz who took the photo. She says “Here is a picture from when I pulled up to the accident, I was the third or fourth car to pull up. It was great to see people get out of their vehicles to help start moving the lumber out of the way! And everyone was okay!”