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Violent Crime Up In State

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Sacramento, CA — The number of violent crimes has increased slightly in California, but State officials say overall crime rates remain at historic lows. Yesterday the California Department of Justice released its annual “Crime in California” report. It showed there were 160,629 violent crimes in 2012, up nearly 3 percent from violent crimes in 2011. However, the report emphasized that despite the increase, the overall crime rates for 2012 remained at half their levels 20 years ago.

According to the FBI, many factors can affect the volume and type of crime occurring, including local economies, reporting practices and population. State officials say the yearly report is a tally of all reported crimes, arrests, dispositions of adult felony arrests, adult related calls for assistance, and law enforcement officers killed or assaulted. It is based on data from police and sheriff’s departments in all of the state’s 58 counties.