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Former Murphys Man Admits To Killing Son

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Seneca County, NY — A Seneca County New York courtroom last week heard 53 year-old Karl Karlsen admit he killed his son in a taped police interview. The Finger Lakes Daily News in New York says the tape showed Karl Karlsen of Romulus, crying and telling police he knocked a pick-up truck off a jack and caused his death, but he claimed it was an accident. The nine hour and 42 minute tape is being play in its entirety for an on-going hearing to determine if the video tape and other evidence can be used at his upcoming murder trial in October. Karlsen’s attorney asked for the hearing arguing Karlsen’s constitutional rights were violated and the tapes should be excluded from the trial.

On the tape, Karlsen admitted he didn’t try to lift the pickup truck off his 23 year-old son, Levi, because he panicked and instead left his son crushed and dying under the truck on November 2008 to go to a funeral. Other evidence includes a hand written will by Levi and a life insurance policy he took out 17 days before his death. The policy paid his father $700,000 if Levi died accidentally. Prosecutors believe Karlsen killed his son to collect the insurance money. The Court will see the last hour-and-a-half of the almost 10 hour video on August 2nd.

The New York case prompted Calaveras County Sheriff’s Officials to investigate Karlsen as a suspect in the possible murder of his wife 22 years ago. In 1991, Kristina Karlsen died in a house fire in Murphys while Karl and their three children, including 5 year-old Levi, escaped the flames.

In January, investigators re-opened the case and started questioning people mention in the initial 1991 fire report. Sheriff’s Officials sent the case to the Calaveras County D.A. Barbara Yook. No charges have been filed against Karlsen in the case at this time.

Karlsen walked away with $200,000 in insurance money after the death of his wife.

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