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Some Arnold Essential Resources Getting A Power Boost During PSPS

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Arnold, CA – PG&E will use a local microgrid to power key community resources including gas stations, groceries and restaurants in Arnold during Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).

Construction is already underway on a temporary microgrid generation site located at the Ebbetts Pass Fire District at 1037 Blagen Road. The plan for the energization zone includes about 125 customers in the vicinity of Highway 4, extending between Pine Drive and Henry Street, to be served by underground power lines that will be energized during a power shut down.

“The Arnold microgrid is one of several sites being developed across PG&E’s service area in 2020-2021 as a part of the company’s comprehensive actions to reduce wildfire risks across our system and minimize the impact of public safety outages on our customers and communities,” according to Debbie Powell, vice president, PG&E Asset & Risk Management, Community Wildfire Safety Program. “Our specific objective with the development of temporary microgrids is to provide electricity to resources such as medical facilities and pharmacies, police and fire stations, gas stations, banks, markets, and other shared community services when weather conditions make it unsafe to operate the grid.”

Construction on the microgrid site is expected to be completed in early 2021. Customers in the zone will be notified that they are included in the grid during a PSPS event.

Currently, there are six temporary microgrid generation sites ready to use. Including Arnold, five sites are currently in development as can be seen in the location list provided by the company below:

List of Temporary Microgrids sites
List of Temporary Microgrids sites