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Update On Two Area CAL Fire Prescribed Burns

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Tuolumne, CA – Two prescribed burns, one in Calaveras County and the other in Tuolumne, went off without a hitch today, according to CAL Fire.

The Mt. Havalia burn got underway this morning in Tuolumne County near Tuolumne. It is scheduled for two days. Also, set ablaze was the Mokelumne Hill Cemetery Burn in Calaveras County to reduce hazardous fuels and provide a cleared area on the site for daily visitations and observance of memorial plots. It also enhanced the established Mokelumne Hill Fuelbreak that gives added fire protection to the community of Mokelumne Hill.

CAL Fire spokesperson Emily Kilgore details the Mokelumne burn. “Firing has been completed for the day and we did burn the entire seven acres in the Vegetation Management Plan.” She adds, “Firing has also been completed on the Mt. Havalia Vegetation Management Plan with ten acres completed today and we do anticipate burning more tomorrow.”

Another ten acres will be burned on the Mt. Havalia burn on Thursday, according to Kilgore who updates the work, stating, “Both burns went relatively well, and we did see the consumption of the excessive fuels that we had anticipated. We were looking for somewhere around 80% and that was rather successful on both burns.”

Thursday’s burn in the Tuolumne area will begin at 9 a.m. and run until 3 p.m. with Kilgore advising that smoke will be visible in the surrounding areas.