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Renovation Planned For Historic Rocca Building

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Jamestown, CA — The Tuolumne County Historic Preservation Review Commission will hold a public hearing about a project planned in downtown Jamestown.

The owners of the historic Rocca Building at 18228 Main Street are requesting to receive a “historic conditional use permit for a hotel and restaurant renovation.” The applicant is Tim Finicle, and the property owners are Sul and Tasleem Sayyed.

The project calls for repainting the front exterior with black, white, gold and white-washed colors. A new sign, and decorative fencing, would be added to the second story balcony. The building would be extended by 8 feet at the rear, and a nearby shed would be demolished. Also, along the back, decking would be constructed to match the front of the building, stairs and a ramp would be added, and there would be new landscaping

A Community Development Department review found that the project is consistent with the Tuolumne County General Plan.

The building was constructed in 1910 during a period in which Jamestown was experiencing growth following the arrival of the Sierra Railway in 1897. In past years it has been the site of some popular restaurants like Smoke, Michaelangelo’s and Azzo’s.

Click on the image box to find some photos of the planned renovation.

The meeting will be held this coming Monday, October 12, at 4pm via the online platform Zoom.  For information about how to take part in the meeting, click here.

  • Rocca Building Restoration
  • Rocca Building Restoration
  • Rocca Building Restoration