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Newsom Signs New Climate Change Executive Order

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an executive order with a stated goal of placing government protections on 30-percent of the land and coastal water in California by the year 2030.

Newsom says the plan is to enlist California’s network of natural and working lands – forests, rangelands, farms, wetlands, coast, deserts and urban greenspaces-in an effort to fight against climate change.

Newsom says, “Once again, California is taking on the mantle of global climate leadership and advancing bold strategies. The science is clear that, in our existential fight against climate change, we must build on our historic efforts in energy and emissions and focus on our lands as well.”

The Republican leader of the California Senate is voicing concerns. Shannon Grove says Newsom’s order is overly broad, could increase the cost of land, and have unknown impacts on farming and grazing.