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Voters Not Happy With Choices

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Voters disenchanted with the major party candidates may be a major factor in Tuesday´s elections for governor in California and at least five other states. Third-party candidates have the potential with even small percentages of the total vote to alter the outcome of the governor races in California, Wisconsin, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York.

In California, liberal alternative candidates are getting small chunks of support in voter polls. Green Party candidate Peter Camejo is polling about five percent of likely voters.

Pollsters say many of his votes come from those who might have supported Democratic indumbent governor Gray Davis. Davis has been ahead of Republican Bill Simon in recent polls by seven to ten percent. But as many as 25 percent of likely California the voters

are either undecided or planning to vote for minor party candidates.

The Public Policy Institute of California says the ten percent planning to vote for minor party candidates is about double such support in previous elections.


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