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Columbia College Seeks Funding For Center

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Structural steel beams went into place at the Columbia College Learning Resources/Media Technology Center currently being built on campus last week.

Unfortunately, a $1.2 million shortfall in state funding is not coming into place as easily. Director of the college’s Community Outreach and Development Service Sue Ellen Harwood said the college is looking for one donor to fill the gap. “We´re looking for someone in the community to name our library after,” she explained, “Someone who can give a substantial donation, which would be the $1.2 million that we´re short right now.” She said the college would honor that person or group’s donation to the campus by naming the building after them. She says the construction work on the 2-story, 20,000-square-foot building will continue as the college looks for the funding. “There´s enough money to complete the building though borrowing from some other funds that we have and using some other sources until we can actually get down to that last $1.2 million,” Harwood said.