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Ranchers Say No Grazing, No Ranches

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Nearly a third of all foothill cattle ranchers would be forced to sell their operations if they lose U.S. Forest Service grazing rights.

That, according to a survey noted by Tuolumne County Supervisor Dick Pland this morning.

At a recent Regional Council of Rural Counties meeting, Pland says the issue of reduced or eliminated forest service grazing came up.

Pland says a large number of cattle ranchers were interviewed for the survey. He says their future looks bleak if forest framework restrictions curb this type of open land grazing.

“They found that slightly more than a third of the ranchers they interviewed said, if they lose their Forest Service grazing rights, would seriously consider selling their whole ranch, or parts of their ranch,” Pland told fellow supervisors Tuesday. “I think that´s very serious as far as Tuolumne County is concerned.”

Pland says the conclusion of the survey is Californias need to do more to save these working landscapes, otherwise we may see a number of ranch lands turned into residential developments.