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Bush Holds To “Family Values”

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President Bush Friday told more than 3,500 supporters in Stockton that he is working to revise many of the present policies, tax laws, and instituting his new compassion legislation.

Bush also outlined changing tax laws to favor marriage, saying he wants the tax code to “encourage marriage, not discourage marriage.”

In the audience was Sonora-area pastor Craig Andrus from Christian Heights Church. He was pleased with the president’s family values stance.

“The president is a very common sense man,” Andrus said. “It seems to me he is steering away from politics as usual and wants to get back to common sense American family values.”

The Sonora pastor said he could tell the president is a Godly man by his words and actions.

“It´s a wonderful feeling to know that a Godly man is leading our nation,” Andrus said Friday morning after the president finished his hour-long speech to supporters. “What makes me know that he is a Godly man, is all the scriptures that he weaves into his speeches. We noticed it four or five times today.”