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Supervisors Debate Grand Jury Findings

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Tuolumne County Supervisors this morning began dialog about the recent Grand Jury Report´s findings.

Board chairwoman Laurie Sylwester tried to form a two supervisor committee to draft a formal response to the Grand Jury, but that idea was quickly shot down by her colleagues on the board.

County Administrator C. Brent Wallace explains the board must now agree or disagree with each finding of the grand jury report, and then bring the responses to a public hearing later this year. By law, they have 90 days to respond.

The county administrator also made his comments public this morning regarding findings about him that are noted in the latest Grand Jury Report.

In a fourteen page written response, not counting copies of his employment and salary contracts, Wallace focused in on criticisms of the report, including several Tuolumne General Hospital issues as well as possible “illegal recommendations” based upon Grand Jury opinion.

Wallace says one finding in the report did surprise him -“the criticism that came about as a result of, as the Grand Jury states, my not evaluating department heads.” He says, to his knowledge, “the Grand Jury did not even investigate that.”

Wallace also commented in his written response about the Grand Jury´s comments regarding his salary increases in 2001 and how the raises coincided with the hiring of a former Tuolumne General Hospital administrator.