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Columbia College Art Show Results

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Toward the end of each academic school year, Columbia College´s art students get an opportunity to exhibit their works at a Juried Student Art & Photography Show.

This year´s competition, the 29th, is on display through May 16 in the Rotunda of the college´s Manzanita Building. Rotunda hours are Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Judge John Claes of Turlock used works with an emotional impact as his criteria. This was evident in the Best of Show winner, Amanda Winter´s mixed media painting “Apples and Pears.” Emotion is evoked through the use of chiaroscuro, or the strong contrast of dark to light. Seen from a distance, small white rings seem to float in a murky, dark haze. On closer view, the objects emerge as a still life.

Winners in the various categories are:

Acrylic and Oil Painting

1. Natalia Dodova

2. Betty Haden

3. Sumiko Mancinelli

Honorable Mention: Natalia Dodova

Mixed Media

1. Paul Jensen

2. Merla J. Frazey

3. Rebecca McDaniel

Honorable Mention: Amanda Winter

Drawings & Prints

1. Kathryn McDaniel

2. Tyler Sigler

3. Barry Boricchio

Honorable Mention: B. J. Henshey Flores


1. Kelley Icenogle

2. Elizabeth Cannon

3. Arian Stevens

Honorable Mentions: Rachel Britt and Kelley Icenogle


1. Tyler Sigler

2. Steven Frost

3. Teresa Cashen

Honorable Mentions: Jan Gottschalk and LuAnn Tillman


1. Marie Pridy

2. Arian Stevens

3. Jon R. Caviani

Honorable Mentions: Boro Radosavljevic and Anthony M. Urruty


1. Sumiko Mancinelli

Other student artists include Laura Carpenter, Kristen Eckenrode, Allan R. Egleston, Ilena Ferrer-Simard, Doralyn C. Foletti, Kelly Goudswaard, Jan Henry, Sandra Lascari, Ed Minium, Faith Parenti, Joel T. Pepper, Jon Van Buskirk, Brett Walder, Art Wels, Kris Wels, and H. Allen Wilson IV.

There were also entries by Michael Harami, Jennifer Lyson, Seth Silcox, Sara Smith, Amber L. Clark, Jackie (Muir) Memmer, Jamie Ragsdale, Carolyn Augustine, Daniel J. Harrison, Celeste Johnson, Greg Kirkbride, and Tammy Toepel.

In addition, other exhibitors are Ann and Gary French, Jamie Ulm, Ariana Bridgeman, Desiree Exline, Pat George, Maryanna Kingman, Kimberly McCarthy, Aaron Perez, Nicole Pruit, Shannon Smith, and Stephanie Stout.