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Parents Still Hopeful In Search For Chandra Levy

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They haven´t lost all hope. A year after Chandra Levy disappeared, her parents have met with Washington´s police chief to get an update on the search for their 24-year-old daughter.

Robert and Susan Levy say they´re glad the case remains an open investigation. And they say they´re satisfied that police are doing all they can to figure out what happened to Chandra.

The police chief tells a Washington radio station that investigators believe solving the case is literally just one phone call away. They´re hoping renewed media attention sparked by the Levy´s visit to Washington may bring calls from the public, and spur new leads.

The former government intern went missing a year ago yesterday. Her parents held a candlelight vigil outside her apartment building last night.

California Congressman Gary Condit had admitted to a relationship with Levy, but police say they don´t consider him a suspect.