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Ecstacy Documentary

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I watched the documentary about the Ecstacy on HBO and although it was somewhat disturbing, I could relate. I am 23 and was part of the rave scene during the mid-90´s in New York City and part of the acid/ecstacy thing too. Like Craig at the end of the show, it just came to a point where I got sick of it. The stuff is pretty toxic. It just wasn´t worth it anymore because I started to feel the effects of partying. I just want to say that I was glad to see that he didn´t agree with his father in giving the drug to his younger sister and brother. At least he was there to take care of them. I was also relieved that Craig gave it up and I hope he stays away from Ecstacy. Craig, if you read this, that was a GOOD decision! If you ever want to visit NYC, call me! (this publication has my permission to give you my email or phone #)

Michelle, New York