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Traffic Accidents

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I always hear “hill people´” complaining about traffic down in the big city, but the number of accidents in this county is climbing and climbing. If you drive around a little it is clear why. Speed limits are only for those who “don´t know the roads like I do”, stop signs are purely optional, and most people just ignore them. And how many people in this county know the definitions of “right of way” and “yield” and how they apply to the vehicle code.

The best way to reduce accidents and educate drivers is to enforce the traffic laws. Yes, have the Police Officers in this county issue citations. I can´t remember ever seeing a citation being issued. And while you are issuing those citations you will be amazed on how many real criminals you will stumble upon.

But what do I know, I am one of those dreaded flatlanders that retired and moved up here thinking I know everything. I don´t know everything, but 30 years in traffic enforcement and engineering made it easy to recognize an area that needs attention before more are killed. Let´s start doing our job boys.


Randy Villata, Los Gatos Armory, Owner/Armorer

L.G.P.D. Retired, Colombo Club since 1954