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Neighbors Involved In Shooting And Arguments In Mountain Ranch

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Mountain Ranch, CA – Arguments between a man and a woman, leading to another man being shot, ends with an arrest for attempted murder. Calaveras Sheriff Deputies released details on their investigation into what happened over the course of several arguments beginning near the intersection of West Murray Creek and Salamander Road Mountain Ranch.

A man, identified as 59-year-old Christopher John Ingols of Mountain Ranch, and a female neighbor allegedly began arguing over possession of rocks removed from a nearby creek. The argument lead to a physical fight and escalated when the woman retrieved an object, similar to an axe handle, which she reportedly intended to defend herself with.

Deputies say the ax handle was eventually taken from the woman by Christopher. The investigation later revealed both the man and woman claim they were hit by the other with the handle. The woman drove away using Christopher’s truck, eventually parking the truck at the residence of a third neighbor.

The woman and the third neighbor returned to Christopher’s residence using the neighbor’s vehicle. This is when Christopher reportedly fired one shot at or near them while threatening to kill both of them if they did not return his truck. The female victim retrieved Christopher’s truck, and despite the truck having a flat tire, drove it to Christopher’s driveway where she parked it and began to walk away.

Christopher later got into his truck and drove it on West Murray Creek Road where he encountered the woman again as she was walking home. He reportedly made several threats and continued arguing with her causing a fourth, male neighbor to investigate if someone he knew was in distress. The fourth neighbor drove an all-terrain vehicle to investigate where he encountered Christopher and attempted to intervene on behalf of the female victim. Christopher fired several shots at him. The fourth neighbor was injured in his leg and there was damage done to the all-terrain vehicle. The injured neighbor and female victim escaped the area and contacted law enforcement.

Deputies from the Calaveras Sheriff’s Office responded to Christopher’s residence and arrested him without incident. Detectives investigated the crime scene throughout the night, collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. The original female victim declined medical attention; however, the victim of the gunshot wound received medical treatment.

Christopher John Ingols was booked into the county jail on charges of Attempted Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Threats. He is being held on a bail of $2.23 million.