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Supervisor´s “Game Playing”Continues

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The in-fighting continues with the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors.

The current flap among supervisors hinges on the resignation of county planning commissioner Susan Duck and attempts by supervisor Laurie Sylwester to appoint John La Torre Jr. for the vacant seat.

Tuolumne County Supervisor Don Ratzlaff had placed an item on the day´s board agenda to have fellow supervisors consider voting to remove board chair Laurie Sylvester from her seat.

Ratzlaff pulled his agenda item at the last minute this morning right before it was to be read. Ratzlaff says he pulled the item because of advanced attention by the local press.

Ratzlaff says there´s more to the Duck resignation than what has been made public. He says Sylwester is “taking the time from the board and the public with her continuance of persistence without letting the public and everybody know the whole facts, the whole truth, about the entire story about what happened with Susan Duck´s resignation.”

The supervisor from the Second District says Sylwester knows the “whole story,” but “we haven´t heard it yet.”

When asked why the information hasn´t been made public, Ratzlaff said Sylwester is the one who´s “pushing” the issue.

“No one else is pushing it. We´re just abstaining, three of us are abstaining. We think Susan Duck was doing a great job,” he said. “She (Sylwester) appointed her. It was an unanimous vote when she appointed her. I think (Duck) has done a real good job. So do three other supervisors.”

More than a dozen community members spoke in support of Sylwester during the morning session. They also called for an “unification in leadership” and to “stop the political in-fighting and game playing.”

Sylwester thanked Supervisor Ratzlaff for pulling the agenda item regarding her board chair position.

In response to the on-going stubborn behavior of the board on the contested District Three planning commission seat appointment, Sylwester said: “We certainly have disagreements and a stalemate over one particular item, and that will probably will continue until somebody makes a change on that.”

Sylwester says she didn´t realize Ratzlaff´s agenda item was coming, but she was expecting it. “No, it didn´t surprise me,” she said.