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Supervisors Get Final Say On County Flag

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It was the one time all day the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors could come to a nearly unanimous decision.

The county leaders were called to make a initial decision on which of the 93 submitted designs will become the official county flag.

Supervisors carefully examined the flag finalists displayed at the Central Sierra Arts Council gallery in Sonora Tuesday afternoon.

The two flag design contest finalists supervisors agreed on are ninth-grader Daniel Reitz trees, feathers and gold pan design, and Frank Zimmerman´s graphic yellow saw-tooth and circular blue river offering in the adult catagory.

Supervisor Dick Pland wants the current county seal made into a flag as the third design brought before the board for the final consideration. Supervisor Mark Thorton agreed

The task of creating and choosing a county flag as been a two-and-a-half year process to date says arts council´s Julie Mushet.

The three final designs will be enlarged into real flag size and brought before the board sometime in mid-June.