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A Duct Tape Prom

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One couple at the Lee Academy in Maine really plans to stick together tonight at the senior prom – they´ll be decked out in formal wear made entirely of duct tape.

Spencer Stacey´s tuxedo and Samantha Braziller´s gown are crafted from the heavy-duty tape often found in toolboxes and utility drawers.

With the help of Braziller´s parents and a friend, it took the pair more than 20 hours to make the two outfits. They estimate the cost at $75.

Stacey and Braziller will be submitting a photo of themselves in their prom outfits to Manco Incorporated, the maker of Duck brand duct tape. They could win prizes of up to $2,500 in the company´s second annual “Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest.”