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Curse Will Stay On Livermore Sewers

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An American Indian and former Livermore resident is refusing to remove the curse he put on the city´s sewer system 29 years ago. Adam “Fortunate Eagle” Nordwall holds a grudge against Livermore for cutting a totem pole he donated to the city in 1969. Nordwall carved the 18-foot pole in commemoration of the centennial of Livermore´s founding. But city workers chopped several feet from the pole in 1973 and put the rest in concrete. Public works officials said the pole was too big and unwieldy. Livermore agreed to dig the bottom part of the pole out of concrete and to reattach the rest of it. But Nordwall says the city never officially apologized for cutting the pole in the first place. Nordwall says he placed a curse on the city´s sewer system and he now takes credit for everything that has gone wrong with it. He says his curse may also have something to do with the city´s not finding its centennial time capsule a few years ago. After a week-long search the time capsule was found buried under the totem pole.