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Condit Aide Talks To Levy Grand Jury

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A grand jury investigating the death of Chandra Levy has heard from the top aide to California Congressman Gary Condit. A second aspect of the grand jury probe in the nation´s capital is whether Condit obstructed justice during the investigation of the disappearance of the young California woman. It is unclear if Condit has testified before the grand jury. He was subpoenaed last fall to give testimony.

An attorney for Mike Lynch, Condit´s California-based chief of staff, said today he answered questions on Friday in front of a District of Columbia Superior Court grand jury. Attorney Beth Wilkinson says of Lynch: “He cooperated fully with the investigators and prosecutors and answered all questions in a candid and forthright manner.” A year ago Lynch publicly denied Condit and Levy were having an affair. Police sources said that a month later, Condit told investigators that he had been romantically involved with the 24 year old from his home district.