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Local Firefighters On The Move Around The State

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CDF Firefighters from the local area regularly travel around the state to battle summer wildland fires.

Strike teams of five engines and their crews are dispatched to hot spots in the state, such as the Calaveras County crew that was burned while fighting the Bluecut fire in the San Bernardino National Forest Monday.

Battalion Chief Richard Imlach says this shifting of personnel and equipment is a regular event this time of year.

“We just sent out a strike team of five engines. For the last four or five days, this is a pretty typical thing for us,” Imlach explained. “ThereĀ“s just been a lot of fire activity all over the state.”

He said the Tuolumne-Calaveras CDF unit already has two strike teams out at various places in the state; this is the third one so far.

CDF strike teams from Northern California, sent to the Mother Lode to cover for units assigned in Southern California, have now left the region to help in the battle against the 14,760-acre Cannon Fire near Walker, California.