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Race For Governor Heats Up

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon has unveiled two new television ads aimed at the fund-raising activities of his opponent, Democratic Governor Davis. In one of the ads to begin airing today, two maids cleaning Davis´ office encounter nothing but cobwebs and piles of cash. Then the lights go out, a reference to the state´s energy crisis. In the other ad, a schoolteacher is turned away from Davis´ office because she hasn´t brought money, while a man with a briefcase full of cash is ushered right in. The governor´s press secretary Roger Salazar says he doesn´t think “Californians will find much humor in lies and distortion.” The Republican nominee´s new ads are based on Simon´s claims that the governor made re-election fundraising his top priority during the state´s energy crisis, and while the state faced a budget deficit that has grown to $23.6 billion. Davis has been airing negative campaign ads attacking Simon´s business background.