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Flu Vaccine Still Available In Sonora

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The flu is hitting every state of the U.S. hard and early this year. Tuolulmne County is no exception.

“We are in the midst of an epidemic here in Tuolumne County,” Dr. Todd Stolp with the county health department said. About 10 percent of folks getting checked for flu like symptoms are showing positive for the influenza A virus.

The health department chief doesn´t think the county is experiencing a critical shortage of the flu vaccine like other parts of the country: “The fact that we vaccinated more numbers of people than ever before is certainly a positive,” he said. “So in that sense, it´s hard to describe it as a shortage.”

400 doses of the Flu vaccine are still available in the Sonora area. and will be available at a Sonora Community Hospital Flu Clinic Monday, December 15 from 9 in the morning until – 12 noon in the Manzanita Building of the Mother Lode Fairgrounds. The vaccine is available on a 1st come, 1st served basis. The shots cost $20.