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Interface Trail Decision Made

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The Forest Service today announced that the Interface Trails Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision are available to the public. The project designs a system of recreation opportunities in the Interface area of the Calaveras Ranger District. The decision provides management direction for a variety of activities such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain bike riding, driving for pleasure, and off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding.

“Based on careful analysis, public involvement, and resource knowledge of the area, I believe this decision fully meets the purpose and need for the Interface Project, and effectively addresses the complex management challenges in Interface area,” said Forest Supervisor Tom Quinn. The Record of Decision is based on the analysis displayed in the Interface Recreation Trails Project EIS. The decision addresses existing management concerns and public issues related to the Interface, while providing flexibility for future adaptive management of the area.

The Interface Recreation Trails decision selects EIS Alternative 5, as modified with additional mitigation measures and combinations of activities from the other alternatives, for implementation in the Interface area. The decision includes various portions of Alternative 4 in the San Domingo, Penny Pines, and Summit Level areas, and Alternative 6 with respect to public motorized use of Forest Road 5N95Y and most of 5N78Y in the Penny Pines area. The decision also incorporates the route of the non-motorized Arnold Rim Trail, consistent with the trail locations analyzed in the EIS.

This decision provides the site-specific analysis required by the 1991 Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, as amended, to implement “on the ground” management of off-highway vehicle (OHV) and other motorized and non-motorized use of the area. As a result of the decision, a total of 3.8 miles of motorcycle trails, 3.6 miles of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trails, 10.2 miles of non-motorized trails, and 1.5 miles of non-mechanized trails will be constructed. The decision also includes the decommissioning of 2.9 miles of unclassified roads (non-essential for other uses) and 16.7 miles of existing trail.

All principal documents related to the Interface Trails decision will be available on the Stanislaus National Forest website

Paper or CD copies will also be available on request. Review copies of the EIS/ROD will also be available at the Tuolumne County Main Branch Library in Sonora, the public library in Arnold, the Calaveras Ranger District Office in Hathaway Pines, and the Forest Supervisor´s Office in Sonora.