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Recall Candidate Stumps In Mother Lode

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As the only recall candidate to campaign in Sonora, Ned Roscoe didn´t have an overwhelming turnout during Monday´s swing through the Mother Lode.

But that didn´t deter the businessman-turned Libertarian politician . “You can still have a local success even if this is the only county where I get votes , Roscoe said while at the Stockton Road retail store.

When asked what his chances are to be elected Tuesday; he responded, “I already feel like a winner. I mean just the experience has been wonderful. If I won, I´d take a deep breath and ask you for some advise.”

Roscoe is one of five presidents of the national Cigarettes Cheaper retail chain. He made stops at their two stores in Sonora Monday.

He said the big push of his campaign has been to move the ideas. So what has been his platform during the recall? “Less government,” he said as a matter-of-fact. “California needs less government. That´s the way to bring hope that it´s not just changing who has their hand on the lever of power. Lets simplify this whole thing. Let´s get it back to the things we can get done.”

Even though his chances are very slim of being the candidate to replace Governor Gray Davis should he be recall, Roscoe feels his message could help local government. He wants government to simplify. “It´s just too complicated now. Too expensive,” he said. “(Government) almost looks like it is designed to take as much money as possible and to waste it; not actually to do good.”