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Local Schools Waiting On Davis´ Budget Plan

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Mother Lode school district administrators are anxiously waiting for Friday when Governor Davis unveils his state budget proposals as they pertain to education.

Education is rumored to one area hard hit by the cuts.

Sonora Union High School District Superintendent Rod Gaskill says he and the trustees will be keeping a close ear on Sacramento in the weeks to come.

He says the state legislature will debate their mid-year 2002-2003 cuts at the same time they will be looking at their 2003-04 funding reductions.

“We probably won´t know, for maybe four weeks, to what extent we€™ll have to cut this year, and then turn around and may sure that we are setting up a budget for next year that is consistent with the lack of funding,” Gaskill said Tuesday.

The superintendent said the school board would begin to address the overall relationship of the state€™s crisis as it pertains to the district€™s economy at their January 21 board meeting.