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Ice Chunk Slams Into Home

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A large chunk of ice fell through the roof of a house in Santa Cruz last night, narrowly missing two of the occupants.

Holly Zesati and her daughter, Monique, tell KION TV in Salinas that they were sitting on the teenager€™s bed just after 9 p.m. when the ice crashed through the roof and onto the floor a few feet away.

The ice didn€™t hit anyone, but it tore a hole about a foot-and-a-half wide in the roof.

The Zesati family isn´t sure where the ice came from. They€™ve been calling airlines all day. An FAA spokesman tells KION that it could be what€™s called blue ice. Blue ice is caused by leaks in airplane bathrooms.

Gus Zesati says the fire department told them not to sleep in the bedroom for now – just in case the ice contains anything toxic.