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Fireplace Ban Endorsed In Valley

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Trying to mop up the San Joaquin Valley€™s filthy air, Kern County builders are endorsing a plan that will virtually ban fireplaces in new homes. The Building Industry Association of Kern County announced its support for the plan yesterday.

It would establish mandatory no-burn nights based on weather conditions and require woodstoves to be removed when existing homes are sold. It would also ban fireplaces and woodstoves in most new homes. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, which proposed the new regulations, has been under pressure from the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency. Later this year, the EPA is expected to issue new rules on wood burning pollution.

Brian Todd, the executive vice president of the building association, says it€™s a good move for the air district. He says, “Wood smoke is just not healthy to breathe. That€™s really what this has come down to.”