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Scott Peterson´s “Lover” Comes Forward

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A woman confirmed tonight that she had a romantic relationship with the husband of missing substitute teacher Laci Peterson.

Twenty-eight-year-old Amber Frey says she was introduced to Scott Peterson in November and was told he was single. She says he also told her he was unmarried.

Frey – who´s a single mom – says she came forward because she was being repeatedly contacted by members of the press for details about the relationship. Police say she´s not a suspect.

Earlier today, Peterson´s brother Brent Rocha said doesn´t trust Scott Peterson because he was not forthcoming about the affair. Scott Peterson´s sister defended him during an interview with CNN.

Laci Peterson was last seen on Christmas Eve, taking her dog for a walk. She was eight months pregnant. Police haven´t labeled Scott Peterson a suspect, but say they haven´t ruled him out, either.