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No Place For Dirt

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It´s a sad story – 6,000-cubic yards of dirt with no place to go. The homeless dirt filled Pacific Bell Park for last weekend€™s Supercross motorcycle event. But when workers tried to remove it Sunday and dump it in a private lot near Candlestick Park, neighbors had a fit.

The city halted the move when they found that Clear Channel, which produced the show, didn€™t have permits to move the 450 truckloads of dirt. The crews had moved only about 20 truckloads when the city put a halt to the move. For now, the rest of the dirt has been dumped in a lot near Pac Bell Park.

Clear Channel wanted to store the dirt near Candlestick until it´s needed for another motorcycle race. The company says it didn€™t seek city permission to store the dirt on a private lot because it has never needed permits in other cities. Meanwhile – the city says it plans to test the soil to make sure it doesn´t contain any dangerous contaminants.