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Gubernatorial Campaign Spending Released

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Governor Gray Davis and his opponents spent at least 130 million dollars during the 2002 governor´s race. That´s according to new finance statements released by the California Secretary of State´s Office.

Davis spent nearly 78 million dollars on his campaign for re-election, more than double the 36 million dollars spent by Republican rival Bill Simon. While Davis received a large share of his campaign funds from labor unions, developers and the health care industry, Simon relied heavily on his family to bankroll his campaign, pouring just over 11 million dollars of his own money into the race.

Meanwhile, the two leading candidates to replace Governor Davis in 2006 have already raised more than 20 million dollars. State records show state Attorney General Bill Lockyer has nearly 10 million dollars in cash and state Treasurer Phil Angelides had just over 10 million dollars in his account at the end of 2002.