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Shuttle Expert: It´s Not From Shuttle Columbia

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An expert on the space shuttle´s heat resistant tiles says the object found by a rancher in the Groveland area appears to be only a piece of a cooler chest.

Gary Rolfe found the object on Monday. He thought it might be a piece of the doomed Space Shuttle Columbia. But, shuttle tile expert, Doug Kohl, who now lives near Twain Harte says its not dense enough and is too light to have come from the shuttle. He says shuttle tile looks more like chalk for a highschool blackboard than anything.

From 1988 to 1996, Kohl worked for Lockheed on shuttle tiles and on the Columbia itself, which broke apart during re-entry on Saturday.

NASA officials are still interested in taking a look at the object , but according to local law enforcement, “they´re not in as much of a hurry.”