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Search Near Tahoe Yields No Shuttle Debris

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A helicopter searched the Sierra range southeast of Lake Tahoe for shuttle debris this afternoon after a teenager reported he had seen something glowing fall from the sky about the time of last week´s crash. But so far, nothing has been found.

The 17-year-old youth from the Gardnerville Ranchos area says the item he saw last Saturday morning continued to glow once it appeared to land in the snow near Job´s Peak about 15 miles

southwest of Gardnerville. Douglas County Sheriff´s Sergeant Lance Modispacher told KTVN TV that the teen reported the item continued to glow bright on the ground for about 15 seconds.

The youth says he could see the item he estimated to about two-feet by two-feet glowing orange on the ground. He first reported the sighting to local authorities late yesterday.

Two NASA employees joined in the search with four crew members from the Air National Guard from the San Francisco Bay Area for about 90 minutes this afternoon.

The search ended at nightfall this evening without any discovery of shuttle material on the snow-covered mountainside.

There´s no immediate word on whether the search will resume tomorrow.