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Cheap Prices Great Draw For Wine Drinkers

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It´s a great time to be a wine drinker. By some estimates, wine prices are at their lowest levels in a decade.

Sales rose four percent last year in the U.S. indicating that consumers are taking notice of the good values.

The biggest “buzz” involves the lower end of the market.”Two Buck Chuck,” sold by the specialty grocery retailer Trader Joe´s, goes for as little as a $1.99 a bottle, depending on where you live.

At a rate of a million cases sold a month, it is the fastest new entrant in the history of the business, said to have the quality of more expensive brands.

Wine expert Jon Fredrikson with Gomberg Fredrikson and Associates says there may be other less expensive wines coming to market to try to repeat that success.The higher end of the wine market also continues to do well. It is the mid-range, around $7 a bottle, that´s been struggling.