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County Home Prices Shoot Higher

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The average price of a home in Tuolumne County shot up last year by about $25,000. Anne Ritchie with the Tuolumne County Association of Realtors says that´s due to a number of factors. There´s more people looking than there are available homes.

“With the shortage of homes for sale, of course the price goes up,” Ritchie said. It´s a case of supply and demand, she said. It starts with an influx of new residents into the state and the more urban areas, then as the people look for more space, move into the valley and up into here,” she said.

“It creates a housing shortage for us up here.”

Statistics released for 2002 show another robust year for area residential real estate sales. The average home sold for $221,379 in 2002 compared to $195,888 in 2001.


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