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Feinstein Even More Critical of Bush

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U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein stepped up her criticism of President Bush€™s foreign policy today.

The California Democrat said it “undermines U.S. security and will make the world more dangerous, not safer.” Feinstein voted to authorize Bush to use military force in Iraq. However, the senator said she has grown increasingly uncomfortable with the administration€™s muscular, go-it-alone approach to a range of sensitive issues.

Feinstein spoke today in Washington to the non-partisan Center for National Policy. She said the Bush administration€™s “focus on unilateral action, its reluctance to embrace international law, treaties and institutions, and its apparent emphasis on military power to the exclusion of other policy options, have created serious concerns….”

On Iraq, Feinstein said United Nations weapons inspectors should be given more time, suggesting that even an additional six months would be useful.