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You´re Surfin´ My Turf, Dude

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Two California men are paying the price for beating a fellow surfer last year. Adam Browning says the men cursed at him and ordered him not to surf under the Golden Gate Bridge. He wound up with a broken nose, cuts and bruises.

Ryan Farrell and Yoel Gorfain pleaded guilty. Both were originally charged with felony assault. A third defendant went to trial and was acquitted. Farrell will spend 150 days confined to his home and cannot surf federal parks in or near San Francisco for three years. Gorfain will serve three years probation and community service. Both men must distribute fliers warning surfers that violence is against the law.

The beating is described as a classic case of surf territorialism — a mentality akin to street gangs that don´t want others treading on their turf.