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School Bells Ring At Calaveras High

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Some of Calaveras High School´s students were ready for today´s return to classes, while others were not quite so sure.

Wednesday and Thursday, many of them showed up at the annual Calaveras High School Round-up to pick up class schedules, to get their student identification and yearbook photographs taken, to order and pay for physical education uniforms, to pay fees for classes, student body memberships, and overdue library books, and to take care of other school-related business.

Kristi Dickinson, a junior, said she did not get all the classes she wanted, but did get “all I have to take.” Junior Natalie Rush said she had some things to work out with the scheduling of her classes, but is ready to return to school. “I´m excited,” she said.

Senior Melissa Howard also needed to adjust her class schedule. “I´m dropping auto (shop), because there´s a certain class I need for Student Council.” Howard is the senior class secretary and treasurer.

Brittni Resch, a junior, is not ready for classes to resume. “I want to go to the beach,” she said. “I want a longer summer, so I can sleep in late.”

Molly McCartney, another junior, agreed with Resch when asked if she was ready for school to start. “Not really,” she said. “I don´t want to come back yet. Summer was way too short.”

Calaveras High Principal Mark Campbell said that, “theoretically,” his staff is ready for the return of students to the campus. “After today and tomorrow,” he said Wednesday, “And then, when we get all the schedule changes made, yeah, we´re ready.”

About 600 students attended the Round-up last Wednesday afternoon, the principal said. He expected to process another 200 to 250, mostly freshmen, Thursday. This year´s freshman class has about 340 members, “the largest ever,” Campbell said.

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