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CCWD Studies Copper Water Improvements

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Improving and expanding the Copper Cove water treatment facility could cost a total of $18.2 million, according to a master plan being reviewed by Calaveras County Water District officials.

The existing system serves about 1,960 single-family units.

Several areas in the system do not meet minimum district standards and peak water demand can exceed the capacity of the line. Acting District Engineer Steve Hutchings estimates it will cost $4.2 million to correct the problems.

Some of that may be offset by money already in CCWD funds, but the rest will be borne by the present users. Hutchings said the district does not know at this time just how much each customer might face.

Expanding the facility and delivery system to meet an expected 3,200 new hookups within the current service area will cost about $14 million and mean a rise in one-time connection fees from the present $5,500 to $6,000 or $7,000.

Another 5,700 new hookups will be needed for planned projects such as Oak Canyon Ranch, Tuscany Hills and Copper Mill.

Some of the costs will be covered by the developers, another $16 million will have to be paid by new customers in one-time hookup fees of $5,000 to $6,000.

A “town hall” type meeting is scheduled for the Black Creek community center in Copper Cove later this month. An exact date has not been set. CCWD´s adoption of the master plan is set for Oct. 13.

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