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New Scam Seeks Information Now, Money Later

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Look out for a new scam. That warning came Tuesday from the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Department.

It seems some citizens have received letters in their mail from something called “Lottery Syndicate World”, that states the recipient has won 375-thousand dollars in cash.

What´s more, included with the letter is a check in the amount of 3950 dollars.

The check appears legal and can be deposited but not cashed.

Once deposited, the victim´s personal information is then recorded and money can be deleted from the account later.

Sheriff´s Department spokesman Sergeant Roger Dittburner says the check is a scam.

Wells Fargo Bank out of San Francisco is named on the check, but that´s fake also. The bank is conducting an investigation.

If you get such a check, officials advise to shred it or contact your nearest law enforcement agency.