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PG&E Promising Improvements Related To Planned Power Outages

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Sonora, CA — Pacific Gas and Electric is promising to better relay timely information during times of planned power outages.

Last Fall PG&E was criticized about its site crashing during the early planned outages, and the slow speed of which information was relayed about the impacted areas. The company says it is developing a new “Safety and Alert Center” website that will have a “mobile-first” approach to improve the experience for those on cell phones. It is also cloud-based for improved “scalability” to handle high traffic levels. In addition, it will feature the ability to display the content in at least seven languages.

The company also promises that the maps provided will be more accurate and easy to read.

PG&E says improvements are also being made to the customer notification process, as more information will be provided both before and after the event.

The company adds, “When possible, PG&E will try to notify customers of a PSPS event via an automated call, text message or email two days prior, the day before, and just before power will be turned off. After power has been turned off, daily updates will be provided until power has been restored.”

State lawmakers have been putting pressure on PG&E to improve the process, and reduce the length, of its planned power outages.


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