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Meningococcal Disease In Tuolumne County

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Tuolumne County Health officials say they´re investigating one suspected case and one confirmed case of meningococcal disease.

The cases were identified yesterday.

The ailment is transmitted by direct contact with an actively infected individual, such as sharing drinks or food, or living in the same house.

Tuolumne County Health Officer Dr. Todd Stolp says it´s not all that unusual.

“It´s not common, but it´s not unusual. We would normally get zero to one, sometimes two cases, per year in Tuolumne County,” Stolp said Friday.

Dr. Stolp says most of the symptoms can seem like the flu…

“Fever, headache, stiff neck, and a purple rash that most typically looks like dots from an ink pen, over the hands and feet usually, but sometimes can be diffused over the entire body.”

The best advice is wash your hands frequently, and not share food or drinks with anyone that has the symptoms.

If you develop symptoms, Dr. Stolp says get to the doctor in a hurry. It can get serious if not treated, but antibiotics usually do the trick, especially if caught early.